Airconditioning - Home

Airconditioning home

Stay comfortable this summer with an Ayton Air-installed air conditioning system. We can help you choose from a range of refrigerated or split system air conditioning units. Whether you are looking to install a split system or refrigerated cooling, getting the right unit size & type is important. We can supply residential air conditioning to suit a wide range of budgets – speak to us today for advice & a quote. We will ensure that your preferred type of air conditioning cooling is provided in the most efficient & effective manner. Ayton Air will also service & maintain your residential air conditioning system to ensure energy efficiency.

Airconditioning - Commercial & Industrial

commercial & industrial airconditioning

In order to cater for the specific needs of the commercial air conditioning market, Ayton Air is able to evaluate the best type of commercial air conditioning system for your business.

Ayton Air can install, maintain & service:

  • Commercial Air Conditioning Systems
  • HVAC - Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Fume Extraction Systems 
  • Web Based (BMS) Building Management Systems

It's vital from an Occupational Health & Safety perspective as well as an environmental (energy efficiency) standpoint to ensure that your Air Conditioning system is maintained regularly.

We work with you to establish & implement a Maintenance program to ensure the comfort & safety of your staff & clients. Regular maintenance will ensure the most energy efficient & cost effective running of your system. 

Refrigeration - Commercial & Industrial

Commercial refrigeration

Ayton Air installs & services refrigeration for our vast commercial refrigeration market.

Ayton Air works closely with its customers to develop many strategies that help reduce installation costs & project length.

Service is a key component of our business. Our afterhours call out system ensures all requests for maintenance are dealt with promptly & efficiently.

Dairy Refrigeration/Vats

Milk vats

Reliability in your refrigeration systems are vitally important to the operation of any Dairy Farm. Ayton Air has the knowledge & expertise to design & install the best cooling system for your operation. Ayton Air has completed many Tank swaps & installs & has a good relationship with all Dairy equipment providers. We are highly trained in dairy refrigeration & are available 24hrs a day 7 days a week. Ayton Air will also service & maintain the refrigeration in your dairy on a regular basis to ensure energy efficiency.